Friday, January 30, 2009

January's over.

The next couple of days will be very busy for me. I've got YouthQuake all day on Saturday (literally, all day) and on Sunday following morning services I'll be back at the church at 3:30pm to get all set up and open the doors for the Super Bowl Party (Bring Your Own Living Room)! I'll get home at about 9:30-10pm each night, so no Landon and Daddy time this weekend.

Traditionally, January is usually a pretty slow month in student ministry, but January '09 has been packed! Oh well, only one more day! It has been a good month. I think we've got good momentum from the activities, events, and services we've had.

Two of the highlights of January have been (1) Ski | MISSIONS and (2) The Annual Parent Party.

(1) Ski | MISSIONS was a trip that didn't happen like I planned. Once on the bus took off to Colorado I received an emial from Chad (the missionary we were working with) telling me that everything we planned had fallen through. So, we had to try to figure out what God was up to! I've learned over the years (from my good friend Walker Moore) that, "Our disappointments are God's divine appointments!" (Day 1) After arriving at Copper Mountian we checked in our rooms, picked up our rental gear and hit the slopes! Chad came over after that night and talked with our group. We decided to send the group out that night with the purpose of iniatiating conversations with people so we could pray for them and/or tell them about Christ. Overall, the students did a good job of accomplishing what we sent them to do. Many students struck up converstaions, but none lead to any salvations. (Day 2) The weather was perfect and the skiing was great! The second night we prayer walked for an hour and then tried to engage others in converstaions that might lead to sharing Christ. It was a little easier on this night as the village was busy with visitors coming to see En Fuago (sp?), the big nighttime festival with street performers, fireworks, etc... On this night, I got to talk to a Doug who is one of the performers. We stood around a fire pit and he told of all he has experienced in his short life. What a story! All of us who were talking with Doug were blown away by how much he has lived though! I asked Doug if it was ok if I prayed for him. As he rode away on his bike he said "yes" and that was the last I saw of him. So, I've been praying for Doug. (Day 3) In short, I got lost in the back country (out of bounds) with two students and an intern for about three hours in all. We made it back, we left no one behind! Just before supper, Chad and his family came by to visit. I got to talk with him about 2010 and I got to pray for him and his wife and son. They don't get much help from groups like ours. Most just go to ski and relax. I pray that Chad and his family don't get discouraged! At the end of the trip we had all returned home saftely.

(2)The Annual Parent Party is a chance for me to see parents (some new to the ministry, some experienced), celebrate what God has done in the past year, and cast vision for the upcoming year. We had a great turnout of parents as well as our small group teachers. We had good converstaion, great food, and almost everybody took home a prize! I love getting with parents!

January was full of many other activities as well, not to mention that I was sick with the flu and strep during the month! I'm looking forward to February and to feeling better.

Pray for students to come to know Christ!