Monday, April 19, 2010

It's been a while...

Well, I said that I was going to do this everyday for a year and that has not happened... so, I'll start again and admit that I'll miss a day or two every now and then. However, I will be totally honest and tell you the days I spend time with the Lord and the days I don't (nothing like accountability).

I've had some great time with the Lord over the past couple of months and today was another one!

I read from 1 Samuel 1-2.

Eli was a faithful priest but his sons were worthless. They took from the Israelites sacrifices to the Lord before the sacrifices were made. This was not smart! Even when Eli talked to his sons about it they were unrepentant. So, the Lord removed Eli's family from the priesthood and raised up another... Samuel.

Even though Eli was a devote man, his lack of action in regards to his sons wrong doing that caused his downfall.

We can all learn from this... we cannot turn a blind eye to wrongdoing when it is within our control to put a stop to it. Especially when it is the Lord who is being wronged!

May I never turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to wrongdoing, but instead may I take action and be obedient to You Lord!

I'm Nate and this is what I think is essential.