Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Friend Brett

I have a friend. Hard to believe I know...but I've known Brett since college. He is probably the funniest and most "fun" person I know. He married Amy, who was my summer camp sweetheart (in the first grade) and they have two beautiful children. He is incredibly talented in many ways including photography, video production, graphic design, playing the drums and preaching the Word! He joined my student ministry staff at First Baptist Raytown in May 2005 and is still doing great things there!

Brett recently had brain surgery (about three weeks ago) to remove a tumor (non cancerous), which resulted in the loss of hearing in one ear, and a loss of balance. Traumatic enough to say the least, but this week Brett was suffering from serious back pain so Amy took him to the hospital where they found a tumor on his back.

So, Brett will have surgery again next week which will take another four weeks (at least) to recover from. Please join me in praying for Brett, Amy and their kids as they are facing another difficult week followed by difficult weeks to come.

Brett's grin...classic! He was up to something! Picture taken at Kari's 30th surpise party!

I'm Nate and this is what I think is essential.

Monday, March 2, 2009

DNOW pt 2

DNOW ended over a week ago and I'm still processing all that God did.  

We had two brothers (who came as guests) place their trust in Christ!  We had one student surrender to the call to ministry!  And we had many students rededicate their lives to Christ!  

Throughout the weekend we had some intense times of worship, intimate one-on-one with the Lord, and a ton of fun! 

Thanks to all who volunteered at DNOW!  Thanks to all who came!  Thanks to You Lord for meeting with us at DNOW '09!  

DNOW pt 2