Thursday, February 11, 2010


Today I read Genesis 4 and Hebrews 11: 1-5

Cain and Abel. The Lord spoke to me about the manner in which I worship Him. Do I give Him my best or do I give Him what is left over.

May I give You only my best.

I'm Nate and this is what I think is essential.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Today I read Genesis 24-50. Wow... so much to learn from this book! I read about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph and how God blessed them all because He promised he would. Abraham's faith in God set the whole thing in motion.

God spoke to me about the faith of a father and the lasting effect it has on his sons.

May I have Abraham's kind of faith.

I'm Nate and this is what I think is essential.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today I read Hebrews 3-5.

God spoke to me especially about Hebrews 4:11-13.

May I seek to enter Your rest Lord.

I'm Nate and this is what I think is essential.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The 7/24 Challenge

During the spring of 2009, my pastor, Hosea Bilyeu, challenged the staff at Ridgecrest Baptist Church to begin the 7/24 Challenge. This challenge is to read God's Word and listen to His voice for 24 minutes a day for 7 days every week.

I took the 7/24 Challenge to heart and began back in the spring of 2009. I also introduced it to the student ministry over the summer of 2009. Hosea introduced it to the entire church in the fall of 2009 and it has become part of our church-wide movement of Razing Hell.

I wish I could say that I've never missed a day, but sadly I have.

The reason for this post is to ask you to take the 7/24 Challenge with me! For the next 365 days, I plan to share with you what God is teaching me everyday as I attempt to faithfully spend time reading God's Word and listening to His voice.

Today I read Hebrews 1 & 2. God spoke to me regarding Hebrews 2:1-3a, "Therefore we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it. For since the message declared by angels proved to be reliable, and every transgression or disobedience received a just retribution, how shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation?"

Lord, help me to pay close attention to what I read in Your Word.