Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer is almost over...

In the student minstry we have experienced an amazing summer!

Mission Trips...amazing!

Camp...God moved in our students (here is a picture of us at the Bock family farm)!

Lately, God has continued to move and we are looking forward to a busy and hopefully fruitful start to school!

Small Groups...we are jumping into new teacher training and connecting students with new teachers for the upcoming school year!

Off Campus "Home Groups"...I am praying for God to raise up 10 students who would agree to start an off campus Bible study group and boldly tell others about Christ!

Fall Calendar...our publicity piece for all events in the fall of '09! It will be out in a couple weeks!

fALL nighter...our Fall Retreat! It will be unreal!

This is only a small portion of what is happening right now with rbcstudents. We also have a new weekly schedule starting in September! We will have student worship services on Sunday nights and discipleship and serving on Wednesday nights.

Anyway, this is what is on my mind! All of these changes and what God is going to do in us during the fall of 2009! Pray for God sized things!

I'm Nate and this is what I think is essential.