Thursday, February 19, 2009


Coming up this weekend is our big weekend retreat called DNOW! Every year I'm excited about this event because of what it does in the lives of our students (not to mention all of the fun and junk food)!

This year, we are kicking things off with The David Crowder Band! I'm expecting a "melt my face off" good time of rock 'n roll and worship (ok, so actually I think DCB would be classified as techno and worship, but you get the point)!

For me, personally, I think I'm most excited about the small group sessions and the impact that they will have on the individual students. There are five small group sessions that consist of teaching, practice, reflection, teaching, practice, & reflection. Everything the students are taught during the teaching time will immediately be put into practice and then discussed by the group.

What makes this so exciting for me is that our topic this year is "Secrets of the Secret Place: Secrets to finding intimacy with God." So everytime the students have "practice" they will be spending time alone with God, in His word, one-on-one with Him, practicing ways of growing closer to Him!

Throughout the weekend, each student will spend a minimum of 100 minutes alone with God!

This is why I'm so excited about DNOW! Spend 100 minutes alone with God, and there is no way you can remain the same!

Next time I post, I'll give you a recap of what God does during DNOW09!

I'm Nate and this is what I think is essential!