Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Heart Tuesday

Tuesdays are great!

Many reasons come to mind as to why I think Tuesdays are great. One being "date night." Kari and I try to carve out time to get a bite to eat and enjoy each other's company while Landon enjoys the company of a babysitter!

Another reason...no meetings. Typically, I do not have meetings on Tuesdays so I get to do all of that office work that quickly builds up. I also get to do some worship planning and sermon prep, as well as have time with my office door closed!

But the reason this Tuesday is so special is because of new music! Record labels release new music on Tuesdays. While I'm not excited about any new releases, I am excited about some of the music I purchased on iTunes and now get to listen to and worship all day! No doubt these songs will work their way into our student worship services very soon!

Here is a list of what I'm listening to today:

"To Know Your Name" Artist: Hillsong Album: Saviour King

"Let Us Adore" Artist: Hillsong Album: Hillsong: God He Reigns

"More Than Life" Artist: Hillson United Album: The I Heart Revolution

"You Deserve" Artist: Hillsong Live Album: This Is our God

"Holy" Artist: Vinyard UK Album: Holy

As you can tell, I've been downloading Hillsong stuff! Not all of these are brand new songs, but I am finding them to be refreshing to my soul as I sing along and worship the living God!

Have a great Tuesday!