Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 31

Day 31

Jesus’ Resurrectction & Ascension

Read John 19:38-42.

After Jesus’ death, His friends prepared His body and laid His body to rest. How would you feel to know Christ as friend and Savior, and have to prepare His body for burial? As humans in the physical world, they had to feel rather hopeless, knowing that their Lord had been crucified. Have you ever lost hope? What was your experience like?

Read John 20:1-10.

Mary Magdalene was the last to leave when Jesus dies and the first to visit His grave…but what does she find? What would your reaction be if you found the grave of your Lord empty? Mary did what most of us would do: she told someone. Peter arrived at the tomb, then John, to find nothing but Christ’s grave cloths. Unlike Mary’s reaction, Peter and John assess the situation and they believed. What did Peter and John believe? How do you react in unexpected situations; do you panic or do you believe?

Read John 20:11-13.

Take a look at Mary’s further reaction. She wept. The disciples have headed back home and she’s left alone and she breaks down. She didn’t get it yet. But what happened next changed everything…

Read John 20:14-16.

Hope was restored! Jesus appeared to Mary and called her by name, and everything changed for Mary. In the times that you have lost hope, what changes your perspective? To what do you cling?

Read Luke 24:36-53.

Jesus appeared to His disciples and their reaction was of disbelief. What did it take for them to believe that He was the living, breathing Son of God resurrected? After His visit with the disciples, Jesus led them to Bethany, where He blessed them and then ascended into Heaven. What was the disciples’ reaction to Christ’s ascension? How would you react?

Spend some time in prayer. Thank the Lord for renewing hope, for causing all things to work according to His plan. Praise Him for His death and resurrection that makes your life possible.

What has God spoken to you about as you’ve read and prayed through these Scriptures?

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