Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 40 (end)

Day 40


Before reading today, spend a few minutes contemplating the idea of worship. What does worship mean? What does it look like? What are some ways that you worship?

Read Revelation 4:1-11.

In this passage in Revelation, John describes a vision he has of the throne room of the Almighty God. What stands out to you about His vision?

Read Revelation 4:1-11 again, slowly. Take in the details of the throne room of Heaven and the living creatures surrounding the throne.

What are the creatures doing? In verses 8-9, John explains what the creatures around the throne are saying and doing. They are worshipping God, giving Him praise. How long do they praise? It isn’t a 20-minute setlist or a 2-hour concert. They praise the Lord day and night; they do not rest from praising Him. How often to you spend time worshipping God?

Sometimes we get caught up in the stigma of worship. We think that worship is about singing the right songs and feeling a certain way. But worship isn’t about us. It isn’t a feeling or a lyric. Worship is acknowledging God for who He is and rightly responding to Him.

Spend a few minutes in worship of your Creator. Tell Him how powerful and awesome He is. Give Him praise for who He is and all that He has done.

When you’re ready, read Revelation 5:1-14.

No one is worthy of worship except God. He is the only One who deserves our time, efforts, energy, and adoration. What are other things in your life that you worship? Confess to the Lord your lack of praise and worship of Him. Spend some time praying through Revelation 4:8-11 and 5:9-12. Ask Him to draw you into His spirit and to raise you up as one who worships Him in spirit and in truth.

What has God spoken to you about as you’ve read and prayed through these Script?

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