Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 33

Day 33

Dead to sin but alive in God

Before you read, take a moment and concentrate on the idea of grace. It is because of grace that we have life, hope, a future. It is because of God’s grace that we are redeemed and we are seen as worthy. Spend a few moments soaking in the knowledge and power of God’s grace. Thank Him for His unending and unrelenting grace. Ask Him to open your eyes now as you seek to discover how to live in accordance to His grace and mercy.

Read Romans 6:1-4.

In spite of the fact that we are made free by grace, we do not receive the license to continue living in sin. In fact, to live in sin is not really to live at all, but it is to take on death. Do you ever take advantage of grace? How? Paul makes the point that since we as believers have been buried with Christ through His death, we are also raised to walk in new life with Him. What does it mean for you to be buried with Christ? What does it look like to walk in new life with Him?

Read Romans 6:5-11.

Paul goes on to say that not only are we dead to sin, but when we did die with Christ, we died to sin once and for all. We don’t have to live in sin. But it’s our choice. Do you live in sin or do you walk in righteousness with Christ?

Spend a few moments in prayer. Ask the Lord to examine your life and reveal to you how you’re living your life. Ask Him to show you areas of your life that you have not chosen to live in Christ. Thank Him for His grace in dying for you and in offering you the gift of living in Him.

In verse 11, Paul commands the Romans to “reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Will you reckon yourself dead to sin today? Maybe you have sin in your life that you need to confess. Spend time in prayer, confessing your sin before the Lord and asking His forgiveness.

Read Romans 6:12-20.

If you have confessed Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you are no longer a slave to sin. Commit yourself today to living and walking in righteousness with the Lord.

What has God spoken to you about as you’ve read and prayed through these Scriptures?

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