Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 28

Day 28

Take up your cross

Take some time to examine your heart before diving into Scripture. Where is your heart currently? How are your priorities? Ask the Holy Spirit to bring to your attention any areas of your heart and life that need adjusting. Ask Him to ready you for His truth today. Write down anything that He reveals as you are quiet before Him.

Read Mark 8:34-38.

Jesus proclaimed that in order to truly find ourselves, we must lose our lives for His sake. What does it mean to lose your life for His sake? What areas of your life reflect you and what areas reflect Jesus?

Ask the Lord to bring to mind areas of your life in which you have not lost yourself in Him. Ask Him to show you what it looks like to lose your life for His sake.

Read Luke 9:23-27.

Luke emphasized Jesus’ instructions to take up our cross daily to follow Him. Following Christ isn’t something to do half-heartedly; it’s a daily commitment, a daily journey. Spend a few minutes committing yourself to the Lord and to following Him on a daily basis. Ask Him for the endurance and guidance to follow Him daily.

Read Luke 9:57-62.

Following Jesus comes at no small price. Jesus demands that we give our all to Him…our routines, commitments, desires, relationships, comforts—everything. Are you willing to give all that you have and all that you are to follow Him? Pray through anything that you may be struggling with giving up. Confess that to the Lord and ask for His help in losing yourself to follow Him. Only in losing yourself will you truly be found.

Spend some time losing yourself in Him right now. “Whoever loses his life for My sake will save it.” Luke 9:24

What has God spoken to you about as you’ve read and prayed through these Scriptures?

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